Ticket Booth & Concession Stand To help offset the cost of the stadium on game days, we charge a fee for admission into our home field and run a concession stand.  As a parent in our organization, you will be required to help work one of these areas during our home games.  Shift times are before and after your child’s game.   If your child plays on the Rookie team, for example, then we ask that you volunteer for a Tykes or Junior game shift.   You won’t miss your child’s game this way and your help is appreciated.


Homecoming  Help prepare decorations and then decorate the stadium two hours before the start of the Homecoming Games. About ten volunteers are needed for decorating.
Post-Season Party The annual football banquet is usually held in January of the following season.  Recommendation are needed in when and where the banquet is held and for decorating the banquet facility and tables.


Team Mom/Dad If you wish to volunteer your time, but are unable to be a part of the Booster Club, please consider being Team Mom/Dad for your child’s team.  Duties of Team Mom/Dad are telephone/email notification and snack preparation for game days. We need your help in contacting parents on upcoming events, time changes, and practice notifications.  We also ask that you please prepare a snack schedule for your team so the player receive a snack after each game.

If you would like to volunteer with our organization, please complete this form.