About Us

In the Beginning

The Tri-County Titans Youth Football and Cheerleading Organization was started in 2001 and began inaugural season in 2001 as a member of the Texas Youth Football Association (TYFA). The TYFA league was established in 1996 to provide the Youth of Texas with a competitive and non-discriminatory football league that affords the opportunity to all children to participate in youth football. The league has no weight restrictions and does not turn away any child for being bigger or over-weight. TYFA believes that football is for all children and like our motto states TYFA is “WHERE DREAMS BEGIN”. For more information about TYFA , visit their site at www.tyfa.com .

The Titans organization was formed to provide the youth of our community with an organized and safe environment to learn the game of football.

About the Owner

The Organization was founded by Brian Morgan who has been involved in youth sports since 1990. Morgan started coaching youth sports in 1990 at Randolph Air force Base, where he spent 9 years as a coach. 4 years as an assistant coach and 5 years as a head coach winning (3) TYFA State titles and (5) consecutive TYFA Southern Division Championships. Morgan later went to Live Oak, where he spent one year guiding the Live Oak Jaguars to their first TYFA State semi-final game before beginning his own organization.

Where we are Going

The Titans Organization believes that youth football teaches valuable life skills that players will carry with them into adulthood such as:

  •  Scholastic achievement
  • Discipline
  • Unity
  • Community Pride